Phrase of the Day – Synecdoche



Synecdoche (noun) sin-ek-dok-ee a determine of speech by which a component is used for the entire or the entire for a component, the particular for the final or the final…

Amendatory (adj) a-men-da-taw-ree serving to change, enhance, or rectify; corrective. Amendatory “serving to change” is an Americanism based mostly on Late Latin ēmendātōrius, with the ē- swapped out with the a-…

Vassal (noun) vas-l An individual or nation in a subordinate place to a different. Late Center English through Previous French from medieval Latin vassallus ‘retainer’, of Celtic origin; (extra…)

Jumbuck (noun) jum-buk (Aus) (casual) A sheep Early 19th century of unknown origin, probably Australian pidgin for soar up. (extra…)

Sapphic (adj) saf-ik Regarding sexual attraction or exercise between ladies. Mid 16th century from French saphique, through Latin from Greek Sapphikos, from Sapphō. (extra…)

Sloughing (verb) slof-ing To separate within the type of lifeless tissue from dwelling tissue (extra…)

Mazard (additionally mazzard) (noun) maz-ed (humorous/archaic) The pinnacle. Late 16th century (in an earlier sense). Apparently a variant of mazer, maybe after -ard or tankard. (extra…)

Polemology (noun) pol-e-mol-e-jee The examine of struggle, particularly as an educational self-discipline. 1930s; earliest use present in Nature: a weekly journal of science. From historical Greek πολεμο-, combining kind (in…

Alembic (adj) al-em-bik A distilling equipment, now out of date, consisting of a gourd-shaped container and a cap with a protracted beak for conveying the merchandise to a receiver. Center English through…

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