Letter to Fred and George


Pricey Fred and George Weasley,

You’ve earned many names via the Potter sequence. Troublemakers, rule-breakers, rebels…..But for me, you might be courageous, compassionate, understanding and simply two of my most favourite characters ever exist. It goes up with out saying that the mischief you each have been all the time as much as, created an entire new dimension within the sequence. Your distaste for protocol was since you knew life is simply too quick to observe guidelines. Your refusal to bend down beneath authority confirmed that you just stood up for your self. The best way you noticed a humorous facet to every thing, which some individuals even known as merciless, pointed to point out that you just noticed the optimistic in every thing. You have been extra than simply comedian aid. But there’s an underlying empathy for each of you. The way you accepted Harry as one other brother and made him really feel higher when everybody thought that he was the Inheritor of Slytherin, or while you gave him the largest treasure – The Marauder’s Map, or the way you performed a prank on Dudley due to the best way he handled Harry, you confirmed that you just have been good human beings. The way you taught Ron to face up for himself or the way you deflated (or at the least tried to) Percy’s ego mirrored that you just didn’t lack compassion.

You have been true, courageous Gryffindors in each sense of the best way. Sneaking within the Butterbeers from The Leaky Cauldron to have a good time Quidditch matches, making Umbridge’s dictatorship collapse with out harming anybody, not confining to the norms of society and opening a joke store since you needed to maintain individuals pleased in darkish occasions….You noticed demise in its face and laughed at it. Just like the conflict affected everybody, it affected you too. The 2 peas in a pod was only one, but in our eyes, you’ll all the time be Fred and George. The twins who helped an orphan boy to place his baggage aboard the Hogwarts Specific with out judging him, bevan two of the very best members of The Order Of The Phoenix and DA, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Mischief Managed.


A Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes fan.



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