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Whether or not you deliberate to breed your Chihuahua, or you will have an unplanned being pregnant in your fingers, don’t panic!

Being pregnant can certainly be dangerous for Chihuahuas, however that doesn’t imply your canine will develop any issues.

To be on the protected aspect, although, it’s best to get as a lot data as you possibly can concerning the Chihuahua being pregnant phases and be ready for brand new puppies.

Caring for a pregnant Chihuahua may be very thrilling, however on the similar time extraordinarily disturbing.

Chihuahua Pregnancy Stages - Chi on back at the vet office getting examined.
Chihuahua Being pregnant Levels

As a result of their tiny dimension, Chis usually have high-risk pregnancies and find yourself giving delivery by way of a cesarean part.

And whereas Chihuahuas can ship puppies on their very own, it’s best to know what to anticipate out of your canine’s being pregnant so you possibly can assist in a case of emergency.

That can assist you perceive what your pregnant Chihuahua goes via, I’ve made a complete information for all 9 weeks of being pregnant. Proceed studying to be taught what’s going to occur to your canine’s physique throughout these 9 weeks. 

A Week By Week Information For Chihuahua Being pregnant Levels

Whether or not you deliberate to breed your Chihuahua or the being pregnant is the results of unplanned mating, it’s best to hold observe of all developments with a canine gestation calendar.

Like all different canines, your Chihuahua shall be pregnant between 58 and 68 days, with a median being pregnant lasting for 63 days. 

Being the smallest canine breed on the planet, Chihuahuas can have difficulties delivering puppies and lots of should give delivery by way of cesarean part.

Understanding all of the phases of your Chi’s being pregnant and monitoring her progress will provide help to get ready for the whelping. 

Contemplating that Chihuahuas are at a better threat of growing birthing issues, it’s best to do every thing you possibly can to maintain your canine protected and comfy throughout being pregnant.

That can assist you via this thrilling and considerably scary time, here’s a rundown of your Chihuahua’s being pregnant phases.  

Week One 

The primary week after conception, your Chihuahua gained’t look any completely different and won’t present any indicators that she is pregnant.

Nevertheless, the being pregnant will create hormonal modifications inside your Chi’s physique, so she may behave out of character.

Some Chihuahuas will expertise morning illness on this stage, however this doesn’t essentially occur to each canine.

Even when you suspect that you simply now personal a pregnant Chihuahua, there may be nonetheless no want for any way of life modifications.

So you possibly can proceed feeding and exercising your tiny pooch the identical as you probably did earlier than. Additionally, you shouldn’t provide any dietary dietary supplements to your Chihuahua at this level, except your vet says in any other case.

Week Two

At this level, your Chihuahua has been pregnant for 2 weeks. Throughout this stage, the cells within the embryo will begin to develop and transfer to the uterus. 

These are nonetheless the early days of the being pregnant, and the growing embryos nonetheless don’t require too many energy for regular progress.

Due to this fact, you possibly can proceed feeding your Chihuahua the identical quantity of dog food as you probably did earlier than. 

Additionally presently, you possibly can nonetheless train, play, and groom your Chihuahua the identical as earlier than and don’t want to alter her common routine in any manner.

Week Three

Through the third week of your Chihuahua’s being pregnant, the embryos will begin to develop and develop sooner, however will nonetheless be very small.

Due to this fact, you gained’t discover any main modifications in your Chi’s look, and she or he gained’t look any completely different than earlier than getting pregnant. 

At this stage, you might discover that your Chihuahua has an elevated urge for food, however that’s fully regular. In case your Chi looks as if she may eat extra meals, it’s best to improve her meals a little bit to assist her really feel full. 

Three weeks into the being pregnant remains to be too early to make any modifications to your Chi’s common schedule. So simply hold doing what you have been doing, and train and play along with your pooch the identical as you all the time have. 

Week 4

At this level, your Chihuahua has been pregnant for nearly a month, and now’s the time when issues actually get thrilling.

By the top of the fourth week, your vet may be capable of verify the being pregnant and really feel the puppies by gently palpating your Chi’s stomach. 

If you happen to haven’t taken your Chihuahua to the vet up till this level, now’s the correct time for a checkup. Apart from confirming the being pregnant, your vet may even provide you with recommendation and details about caring to your Chi throughout this particular time.

Now can also be an excellent time to ask your vet whether or not you must make some modifications to your Chihuahua’s weight loss program.

Your vet may advise you to extend your Chihuahua’s meals to satisfy the dietary wants of ever-growing puppies and provides the mother power to assist a wholesome being pregnant. 

Please observe, that the fourth week is the time of massive modifications, and there may be an elevated threat of miscarriage and developmental abnormalities.

To make sure the protection of each mother and her puppies, it’s best to restrict your Chi’s train and keep away from tough play. 

Week 5

By the fifth week, your Chihuahua has been pregnant for a little bit over one month and, at this stage, the fetuses will begin to achieve weight extra rapidly.

At this level, the longer term puppies will begin to kind organs, nails, and particular person toes. Moreover, from this level on the danger of puppies experiencing any developmental points is considerably decrease. 

Throughout this week, your Chihuahua will begin to achieve weight and her physique will look a lot rounder than earlier than.

As a result of rising dietary wants, now is an efficient time to alter your Chi’s weight loss program and begin feeding her pet meals or a particular components for pregnant and nursing canines.

Apart from switching to a extra nutrient-dense components, additionally, you will have to extend your Chihuahua’s portion dimension.

If you happen to aren’t positive how a lot meals your Chi wants, discuss along with your vet and ask for an individualized meal plan to your canine.

This manner, you possibly can relaxation assured that each your Chi and her puppies are getting all of the energy and vitamins they want.

Week Six

At this level, your tiny pooch gained’t be tiny anymore and everybody will discover that you simply personal a pregnant Chihuahua. The fetuses will proceed to quickly develop and develop their distinctive options and skeletons. 

Your Chihuahua may even have a much bigger urge for food, and when you haven’t modified her weight loss program till this level, you’ll have to do it now.

Nevertheless, some Chihuahuas can begin consuming much less at this stage because of the stress the puppies create on their stomachs.

If this occurs, provide a number of smaller meals to your canine and hold the meals bowl full so your Chi can eat at any time.

Now can also be an excellent time to start out serious about the precise supply, and it’s best to contemplate the most effective place to arrange a whelping field.

If you have already got a room in thoughts, you possibly can let your Chi discover it and provides her a while to get used to the thought of delivering the puppies there.

Week Seven

By the top of the seventh week, your Chihuahua has been pregnant for almost 50 days and she’s going to begin to get ready to ship the puppies.

At this stage, the puppies will appear like miniature Chihuahuas and can develop a coat and kind stable bones. 

Throughout this week, it’s best to actually begin getting ready for the arrival of your new puppies.

If you happen to haven’t already, arrange a whelping field in a quiet space away from all commotion and foot site visitors.

You must also encourage your Chihuahua to look at her nursery so she will adapt to the room and really feel snug giving delivery to puppies there. 

Week Eight

Through the eighth week, your Chihuahua will begin to nest and make all the mandatory preparations so she will convey the puppies into the world. For some Chihuahuas, the eighth week could be the time after they give delivery. 

If you must make some remaining changes to the whelping space, now could be the right time to take action.

And since your Chi can go into labor any minute now, it’s best to ensure that the whelping field and the birthing space are fully arrange.

This near delivery you may be capable of see the puppies transfer inside your Chihuahua’s stomach. 

Week 9

At this stage within the being pregnant, your Chihuahua could go into labor at any time. The puppies are actually totally developed and can begin transferring into the delivery canal as they get able to be born.

Your Chihuahua will make the ultimate preparation for supply and begin nesting extra intensely now. 

Some Chihuahuas will turn out to be torpid and begin to behave unusually because the whelping will get nearer.

Throughout this final week, you can begin measuring your Chi’s temperature to be taught precisely when she’s going to go into labor.

Typically, as soon as your canine’s temperature drops under 100°F, she’s going to possible go into labor inside the subsequent 24 hours. 

In case your Chihuahua exhibits any indicators of misery whereas in labor, it’s best to name your vet straight away. Some Chihuahuas can’t ship puppies naturally and must have a cesarean part carried out by an skilled vet.

How To Inform If A Chihuahua Is Pregnant? 

If you happen to can’t wait to your Chihuahua to point out the telltale signs of pregnancy, there are a number of methods that may assist you determine whether or not your Chi is pregnant or not.

Confirming your suspicions early on offers you sufficient time to get ready for the precise supply. The most effective strategies for confirming being pregnant in Chihuahuas are:

Blood Take a look at

5 weeks after mating, you possibly can take your Chihuahua to the vet and ask them to do blood checks.

Your Chi’s blood samples shall be checked for being pregnant hormones, and you’ll know for sure whether or not she is pregnant or not.

Keep in mind, that the check is an correct method to verify being pregnant, however provided that you do it 5 weeks after mating.

If blood samples are taken throughout the earlier stage, they could present a detrimental end result even when your Chihuahua is within the early phases of her being pregnant.


An ultrasound is a non-invasive and really handy manner of figuring out whether or not the deliberate or unplanned mating labored.

A vet can do an ultrasound as early as 25 days into the being pregnant and provide you with a tough estimate of the litter dimension.

Though the ultrasound can’t present the precise variety of puppies like an x-ray, it will probably assist your vet determine whether or not to do a C-section or not.

How Many Puppies Can A Chihuahua Have?

On common, a Chihuahua can have one to 3 puppies in a litter. Nevertheless, whereas Chihuahuas are tiny canines, they’ll typically have 5 – 6 puppies inside one litter. 

In line with one examine, the smaller the Chihuahua is, the less puppies she’s going to give delivery to. So, when you have a really tiny pregnant Chihuahua, she’s going to almost certainly give delivery to at least one or a most of two puppies in a single litter. 

FAQs About Pregnant Chihuahuas

How Lengthy Are Chihuahuas Pregnant?

Regardless of their small dimension, Chihuahuas have the identical gestation interval as different canine breeds. A standard being pregnant will final between 58 and 68 days, with the typical size being 63 days after mating. 

How Many Puppies Do Chihuahuas Have For The First Time?

The primary time a Chihuahua offers delivery, she’s going to possible have a really small litter. For the primary time, it’s best to count on between one and three puppies, however don’t be stunned in case your Chi solely offers delivery to at least one pet.

Nevertheless, as your Chihuahua will get older, she’s going to be capable of ship bigger litters. Most often, Chihuahuas have their largest litters after the third or fourth being pregnant, after which they once more begin delivering smaller litters.

Is It Harmful For Chihuahuas To Have Puppies?

Chihuahua puppies have a disposition for bigger heads, which implies they’ll get caught inside the birthing canal. It’s a well-known incontrovertible fact that Chihuahuas have dangerous pregnancies and lots of give delivery by way of cesarean part.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that your Chihuahua will develop any issues whereas giving delivery.

And whereas this breed tends to have dangerous pregnancies, Chihuahuas have delivered puppies on their very own for hundreds of years with none main issues. 

Can Chihuahuas Give Beginning On Their Personal?

As a result of their small dimension and a better probability of a dangerous being pregnant, it’s usually advisable to take a Chihuahua to the vet as soon as the labor begins.

This manner, a skilled veterinarian can help a whelping Chihuahua and even carry out a cesarean part if needed. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that Chihuahuas can’t give delivery to a wholesome litter all on their very own.

All canines know instinctively what to do as soon as the labor begins, and Chihuahuas have the identical maternal instincts and might whelp with none assist. 

What Occurs If A Chihuahua Will get Pregnant By A Greater Canine?

If a Chihuahua by accident mates with a bigger canine and finally ends up pregnant, she’s going to possible not be capable of give delivery to puppies on her personal. On this case, a cesarean part is the one choice and can guarantee the protection of each the mother and the puppies.

Since most of these pregnancies have many dangers, it’s best to hold a detailed eye in your Chihuahua whereas in warmth and forestall mating with greater canines. 

Can An 8-year-old Chihuahua Get Pregnant?

An eight-year-old Chihuahua can nonetheless get pregnant, however mating older Chihuahuas on goal is strongly discouraged.

An older Chihuahua has a better probability of getting a high-risk being pregnant and might develop post-pregnancy well being points.

Being pregnant and delivery adopted by nursing may be extraordinarily tough for an older Chihuahua and might create many well being issues. 

How Do I Assist My Chihuahua Give Beginning?

Organising a snug whelping field is the very first thing you are able to do to assist your Chihuahua give delivery to a wholesome litter.

In case your vet has determined {that a} cesarean part isn’t needed, you possibly can go for an at-home whelping or take your Chi to a veterinary clinic as quickly as she goes into labor. 

Keep in mind, that your canine is aware of precisely what she must do to provide delivery to wholesome puppies, however she’s going to recognize your assist and assist.

And if something goes fallacious throughout supply, the one manner you possibly can assistance is to remain calm and take your Chihuahua to an emergency clinic. 


Getting pregnant all the time brings sure dangers for tiny Chihuahuas, however there isn’t a must panic.

Understanding what to anticipate from all Chihuahua being pregnant phases will provide help to hold observe of your canine’s progress and make needed plans and preparations for the due date.

An important issues you must keep in mind about Chihuahuas’ gestation interval are:

  • Chihuahuas may give delivery on their very own
  • The typical Chihuahua being pregnant lasts 63 days
  • You should utilize blood checks, ultrasound, or x-ray to substantiate the being pregnant

In the long run, it’s pure to be a bit anxious when you find yourself coping with a pregnant Chihuahua.

However understanding all being pregnant phases and having your vet’s assistance will be sure that your canine’s being pregnant and supply go easily.

Have you ever ever had a pregnant Chihuahua? If that’s the case, what behaviors and modifications did you discover throughout every stage of being pregnant?

Inform us about your expertise within the remark part under.

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Chihuahua Pregnancy Stages A Week By Week Guide - pregnant long haired Chihuahua getting ultrasound at vets office.
Chihuahua Being pregnant Levels A Week-By-Week Information

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