About me

Hi, my name is Nikit. I am playing the role of a journalist who seeks the opinion of the people of the world living in Sri Lanka. This blog is to give you daily important ideas and share my personal stuff.

“Doing what you like is freedom”

I am a professional camera operator. We have worked with people with different social skills. I also feel that the human community is thirsty for knowledge. A little effort to give something to someone else because I am thirsty too.

One reject, dislikes, or avoids happiness because it is happiness, but because those who do not know how to pursue happiness rationally face extremely painful consequences. Alternatively, we condemn with righteous indignation and distaste.

I emphatically declare that I am doing this blog for my own pleasure and to increase the knowledge of others and not for their ill will.

I strongly emphasize that this is a small attempt.

I strongly emphasize that I am posting on this blog to share the knowledge of others and not with any intention of prejudicing them.

My skills

Director of Photography (DOP),Photojournalist, Commercial Photography. EFP / ENG – Studio TV programs, Promotional video, Event management, Live Broadcast, Digital Production

I have enjoyed a 23-year career in video production. I have been fortunate to tell stories from big to small and from different perspectives. After all, the story is a perspective!

My purpose was to shoot beautiful videos, directing, multi-camera production, and instead of telling their stories

Business prosperity.

I founded G T V LANKA in 2007 and since then we have become one of the most popular video production and design companies for our Visually Awesome

Video, Marketing Strategy. For over 12 years, it has been our mission to tell our customers – small businesses and all kinds of brands their stories with heartfelt and heartfelt stories. It is now called G T V LANKA .

I want to let you know that I personally stand behind the most creative brand. It is my reputation to make you feel that you are our only client and to provide the service you and your business deserve. I look forward to working with you.

For a long time from 1640 to 1796, the Dutch ruled the Cordell column in Sri Lanka (or as it was known at the time) and made many contributions to the culture and social life of the country. Architecture.
Although the Dutch followed a liberal and easy way of life, they were very disciplined and orderly in their daily lives. These features were observed in their construction, especially in constructions and mansions.
(The current state of the constructions is a good experience I had while participating in a masterpiece by doing artistic photo photography in Dutch Herita’s of Sri Lanka Magazine, which was published by the Sri Lanka Tourist Board.)

We are working (2021) with the CNN team on a free basis to cover news coverage of the tragic Easter Sunday attacks on CNN.