10 Superb Well being Advantages of Amla that may shock you!



Amla also called Indian gooseberry is a kind of citrus fruit that grows on a flowering tree of the identical identify. They’re bitter in style and their colour varies from inexperienced to yellowish inexperienced. Amla is mostly consumed broadly in India within the type of Amla juice, pickles and chutneys. We’ve got all heard about Amla and its varied makes use of within the skincare, haircare and drugs industries, however we’re unaware of the particular well being advantages of amla.

So, immediately on this article, we will likely be how nutritive amla is and will likely be understanding all of its hidden well being and medicinal advantages. Let’s start. 

Dietary Data of Amla

Amla isn’t solely thought of nice to your pores and skin and hair but additionally has a number of well being advantages to supply when eaten uncooked or in dried varieties. It’s extremely wealthy in antioxidants, amino acids, nutritional vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and polyphenols. The approximate dietary info of 100g amla is as follows.

Vitamin Quantity
Vitality 44Kcal
Carbohydrate 10g
Protein 0.9g
Fats 0.6g
Dietary fiber 4.3g
Sodium 1mg
Potassium 198mg
Vitamin A 290IU
Vitamin C 27.7mg
Vitamin B6 0.1mg
Vitamin E 0.37mg
Magnesium 10mg
Calcium 25mg
Iron 0.31mg
Phosphorous 27mg
Nicotinic acid 0.2mg
dietary info of 100g amla

10 Well being Advantages of Amla

amazing health benefits of amla

Boosts immunity 

Amla is extensively wealthy in Vitamin C. 100g of uncooked amla accommodates roughly 28mg of Vitamin C. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant in our physique which protects the cell from oxidative stress and improves immune cell capabilities. It additionally performs a significant function in decreasing irritation attributable to free radicals in our physique. In reality, Amla is considered the most effective pure sources of Vitamin C. Furthermore, Amla can be related to growing the WBC rely in our physique, which additional improves your physique’s defensive mechanism towards micro organism, allergy symptoms and dangerous pathogens. So consuming at the very least one amla a day is essential in case your immunity energy is low. 

Nice to your liver 

Amla being wealthy in antioxidants maintains the oxidative/antioxidative stability within the liver and in addition is said to the elimination of free radicals. Consequently, it’s thought of nice to your liver. Furthermore, Amla additionally helps within the detoxing of the liver as it’s wealthy in phytochemicals like gallic acid, quercetin and ellagic acid. So consuming amla juice or consuming at the very least two amlas a day will make it easier to keep a superb liver system. 

Thought of nice for enhancing your digestive system 

Not solely the liver however consuming Amla can assist increase your total digestive system. Furthermore, Amla is taken into account nice within the prevention and remedy of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Illness), abdomen ulcers and abdomen cramps. Amla can be wealthy in dietary fiber, which additional helps within the prevention of constipation by permitting straightforward bowel actions within the type of stool and enhancing your total intestine well being as properly. Some research additionally show that Amla helps within the manufacturing of gastric juices which prevents frequent acidity and bloating. 

Improves coronary heart well being 

Amla is thought to enhance coronary heart well being and offers safety towards heart-related medical circumstances akin to stroke, excessive levels of cholesterol and irritation. Sure research additionally point out that Amla helps in decreasing hypertension ranges. Amla being wealthy in Vitamin C improves nitric oxide manufacturing within the endothelium and reduces blood stress. This helps in stopping medical circumstances like hypertension. Not directly, Amla additionally reduces oxidative stress, and excessive ranges of triglycerides and in the end prevents clots and strokes. 

Helpful to your kidneys

Amla is taken into account nice to your kidneys as properly. The antioxidants current in Amla stop kidney harm, kidney dysfunction and kidney toxicity. Consuming Amla juice or at the very least two amlas a day will increase your total kidney well being. Furthermore, Amla can be wealthy in polyphenols which shield your physique from growing renal illnesses. Consequently, medical doctors typically counsel Amla to older individuals who have kidney-related points. 

Extraordinarily useful to your hair

Amla within the type of juice is most popular extra in India. It’s extensively thought of nice for our hair well being. It’s a pure drugs that promotes hair well being and prevents hair loss. The proper mixture of antioxidants, amino acids, tannins and Vitamin C current in Amla serves this trigger. Additionally it is considered a terrific anti-dandruff remedy as it really works effectively in eradicating dandruff out of your hair. From stopping hair fall to stopping gray hair, Amla can nourish your hair and care for it effectively. Ingesting Amla juice day-after-day within the morning will certainly increase your hair progress. There are such a lot of packed amla juices accessible within the Indian markets however the perfect one is that which you make at dwelling. These days Amla oil can be accessible within the Indian markets which might be immediately utilized to your hair to spice up your hair high quality. 

Thought of nice to your pores and skin as properly

Not solely does Amla takes care of your hair but additionally boosts your total pores and skin well being. In reality, Amla is without doubt one of the finest fruits that serves as an anti-aging remedy. Amla is wealthy in collagen protein in addition to antioxidants that stop untimely wrinkles, in the end making your pores and skin appear recent and youthful. In Ayurveda, Amla juice is considered the most effective drinks to spice up your total pores and skin high quality as it’s a pure blood air purifier and makes your pores and skin look hydrated and shiny. 

Strengthens bones and enamel 

Amla is wealthy in Calcium and Iron that are immediately associated to strengthening your bones and enamel. It additionally has anti-inflammatory properties that present short-term reduction towards joint ache, swelling, arthritis and osteoporosis. Tooth issues like tooth decay and brittle enamel might be prevented if you’re consuming Amla regularly. 

Could stop diabetes

Amla is said to the prevention of kind 2 diabetes. Though it’s not confirmed however sure research present that chromium current in Amla helps in decreasing blood sugar ranges which helps in stopping kind 2 diabetes. Furthermore, the presence of Vitamin C in Amla makes it act like a ROS scavenger serving to in preventing oxidative harm and thus serving to in stopping kind 2 diabetes and pancreatitis. 

Good to your eyes 

In Ayurveda, Amla is taken into account as a terrific drugs to forestall illnesses akin to glaucoma, refractive errors, cataract and macular degeneration. It is because Amla is wealthy in Vitamin C which prevents such issues. Furthermore, Vitamin C additionally boosts collagen formation which offers the construction to your cornea. Additionally, the presence of Vitamin A in Amla helps in sustaining a transparent cornea and prevents evening blindness. 

How one can devour Amla?

Amla might be eaten uncooked, as pickles or within the type of juice. In India, it’s typically consumed within the type of juice or as pickles. Packaged readymade amla juices are broadly accessible within the Indian markets however one of the simplest ways to devour Amla is by making Amla juice at dwelling.

How one can make Amla juice at dwelling?

It is vitally straightforward to make Amla juice at dwelling. You simply want 3-Four amla fruits together with water, ginger, honey, water and black pepper. 

Chop Amla fruit into small items and discard the seeds. Subsequent, combine all of the substances together with the chopped amla items and mix them completely in a mixer grinder. Use a strainer to filter out the pulp and different remainings. Your Amla juice is prepared so that you can drink. 

How to not devour Amla?

Though consuming uncooked amla or within the type of juice is one of the simplest ways to devour Amla to get all its nutritive advantages, there are specific methods we devour Amla in India the place the precise nutritive worth of Amla is misplaced. 

As a way to make Amla tasty, we tend to organize a recipe referred to as Amla murabba, which is definitely tasty. However sadly whereas making ready this dish the Vitamin C content material of the Amla will get eliminated as Vitamin C is extraordinarily delicate to air. So if you’re consuming Amla for its excessive Vitamin C content material be sure that to eat it uncooked or devour it within the type of juice. 

The identical is the case with the Amla chatni recipe. A lot of the Vitamin C content material of the Amla is misplaced throughout its preparation. Cooking Amla hampers all its dietary qualities. 

The best strategy to devour Amla is to chop and eat it instantly. In case you are making ready the amla drink, be sure that to make it recent and drink it as leaving the juice for a very long time after chopping the amla makes it get oxidized and lose all its nutritive qualities. 


So total, as we will see Amla has a number of well being advantages if consumed within the instantly. Sure, the style could appear a bit bitter however it’s with its nutritive values. Furthermore, bitter fruits are cherished by many in India. If you don’t just like the citrus style, you possibly can undoubtedly make the Amla juice and add a bit little bit of ginger and honey to make it tasty as talked about beforehand. On this means, the Amla drink turns into tastier and on the identical time doesn’t lose its nutritive worth. 


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