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Guide – Ahmiyat by Shitiz Dogra
Style – Poetry, Hindi

The pondering of a poet is past frequent man’s creativeness. They weave a gorgeous situation by seaming in simply the best phrases and infusing proportionate feelings. अहमियात by शितिज डोगरा (Ahmiyat by Shitiz Dogra) is one such stunning poetry e-book.

The e-book is in Hindi and consists of 50 poems by the poet. Alongside there are couplets penned within the part referred to as बस यूं ‌ही.

The poems penned showcase assorted hues of human feelings and distress. And these poems are balanced out properly all through the e-book. If one web page speaks about poverty and underprivilege the opposite speaks a couple of romantic escapade. There’s childhood, there’s old-age, there’s love, there’s longing, there’s friendship, there’s loneliness, there’s metropolis, there’s village, there are inanimate issues talking up too.

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I largely cherished verses from the gathering. These are transferring and highly effective.

“शायद जहां सड़क खत्म होती है
सांस की
वहां वक्त खड़ा है
एक पानी का गिलास लेकर…”

“मनि घाट हो बनारस का
या उजड़ी कोई फसल हो
छाती पर इस जमीन की
एक मजबूर लाश बिछी है…”

“ख्वाहिशें लटकी थी पेड़ से
कद मेरा छोटा था
कोई और ले जायेगा तोड़ के
यह किसने सोचा था”

“पन्नों का हिसाब नहीं
कलम भी स्याही तरसती है
जब से छूटा काजल तेरा
मैंने भी लिखना छोड़ दिया…”

However a few of my favorite poetries from it are –


And out of all these, the 2 that may stick with me, fingers down, are –
दो भाई

So, in case you are a poetry connoisseur like me then you definitely ought to present this e-book a learn.

To purchase the e-book, pls click on - Ahmiyat by Shitiz Dogra 

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